Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Growing up Memorial Day weekend meant opening of the shore season in Jersey. We never ever had nice weather (dramatic, sometimes we did. Update: the weather is supposed to be beautiful in Seaside this weekend, obviously.), and despite it being "a work weekend", meaning we had to clean everything in the house, outside the house, under the house, over the house (why am I being so dramatic this morning?), it was the beginning of the summer. It was the beginning of the ocean, the salty air, subs, ice cream, sand, sun and special times with friends and family.

Every year that I am not at the shore for Memorial Day weekend, I am sad and I get a little reminiscent like I am now, but we have made a new tradition of camping in the CO and I can say it comes in as a close second to the shore. I mean, that's not entirely true. Nothing really comes in as a "close second" to the shore (so freakin dramatic). We are heading west to the Black Canyon. I am really looking forward to it, especially because I get to see my brother and spend the weekend with friends and the dug!

What traditions do others have for Mem Day weekend? What are your favorite long weekend activities this time of year?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone (and a special happy picnicking to my family and friends at the shore!)!

Ps, so many sales going on this weekend! I want to shop everywhere but will instead be hiding in the mountains.


  1. Sheesh drama queen:) Have fun camping!! Can't wait to go this summer!

  2. liz, i'm with ya. all my friends are going to be in ocean city/sea isle/stone harbor this weekend... wish i were going. dammit.

    although, the weather's pretty amazing here in boston so i'm not complaining too much.

  3. Good to hear the weather is nice in Boston, surprising but good! Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend Bridget!