Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Growing up Memorial Day weekend meant opening of the shore season in Jersey. We never ever had nice weather (dramatic, sometimes we did. Update: the weather is supposed to be beautiful in Seaside this weekend, obviously.), and despite it being "a work weekend", meaning we had to clean everything in the house, outside the house, under the house, over the house (why am I being so dramatic this morning?), it was the beginning of the summer. It was the beginning of the ocean, the salty air, subs, ice cream, sand, sun and special times with friends and family.

Every year that I am not at the shore for Memorial Day weekend, I am sad and I get a little reminiscent like I am now, but we have made a new tradition of camping in the CO and I can say it comes in as a close second to the shore. I mean, that's not entirely true. Nothing really comes in as a "close second" to the shore (so freakin dramatic). We are heading west to the Black Canyon. I am really looking forward to it, especially because I get to see my brother and spend the weekend with friends and the dug!

What traditions do others have for Mem Day weekend? What are your favorite long weekend activities this time of year?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone (and a special happy picnicking to my family and friends at the shore!)!

Ps, so many sales going on this weekend! I want to shop everywhere but will instead be hiding in the mountains.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Our weekend consisted of friends, family, delicious drinks, great food, and long walks. I did not capture photos of all or even most categories, but I did capture a few, and of course, the photos are of the desserts and drinks.
Taken by my phone

Friday Afternoon/Evening: Left work two hours early, rested on the balcony with a book and glass of wine; enjoyed beautiful cupcakes from my husband, after a bad day; went out for Marc's birthday; and ate more delicious, birthday cake.

Saturday: Brunched at Shells & Sauce (delicious; have you been there?) with Marc and Jill; went for the longest walk with the dog; made some life decisions; cooked dinner for Shane's family; and finished the night with the best strawberry banana daiquiris-made by Shane (and is officially our summer drink-details to come), friends and reggae music (We were drinking daiquiris. We can dream of warmer climates, right right?).

Sunday: learned at a Pottery Barn entertaining class with Carmen; brunched at Shane's grandma's new apartment; spent time in the Ranch with Shane's family; quick tripped to the mall; ate delicious leftover enchiladas accompanied by homemade margaritas; and embarked on another long walk, while people watching at the park.

Did you all have a good weekend? What did you do? Were you able to relax?

A view from our balcony as a storm rolls in over Denver

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bagels in Denvahtown

There are very specific things I miss about the East Coast. Friends and family, obviously. The Atlantic, Dunkin Donuts, to name a few. Another one is bagels. All of you on the east coast don't know how lucky you have it. Bagels at every turn. We don't have that luxury. Sure there is a chain or two, but come on, what do they know? 
Today, life in the west changed for me and Shane. We stumbled upon a hole in the wall, neon signed, Bagel store next to the Hobby Lobby, in a strip mall. Pure gold. Just a counter with baskets and baskets of homemade bagels along with some other pastry goodies. And they have been there 33 years. That is saying something in Denver.

We ate one on the way home. We couldn't wait. It was paradise. I am looking forward to an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel tomorrow morning. Yes, please.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping Myths

Camping season is fast approaching us in the wild wild west. Some people are campers; some are not. But as a non-camper, you can no longer claim the lack of basic luxuries as an excuse not to go.

Let me blow up some myths for you:

1. You do not have to sleep alone on the ground. Instead, choose a queen sized air mattress with sheets and blankets, with your husband. Bring the dog a bed too!

2. You do not have to get yourself a big, heavy backpack. I bring my carry on luggage camping. Wheel it to the tent and wheel it back to the car.

3. Sleeping in a bitty tent (that fits in the unnecessary backpack). Instead, get yourself a 6-man (or bigger, I don't judge!) tent. It is irrelevant that you, the husband and the dog are the only ones in there. How else will you fit the queen sized air mattress?

4. Hot dogs on a stick are the meal choice for every meal. Shane knows the only way for me to spend more than one day camping (ok, there are a few ways to ensure it) is eating well. Pack your family sized cooler with all food (and wine) you find valuable at home, pick-up some used pots and pans, and there you have it, gourmet cooking around the campfire.

5. No showering for days. We picked up a solar shower that sits on the car roof to heat. It may not have four walls, but it is better than sitting in your own stink day after day.

6. If you are outdoors and camping, strenuous outdoor activities are a must, ie hiking. To each his own, but I don't hike when I camp. I might throw the softball, but that's about it. Otherwise you will find me with a book sunbathing, or visiting the local wineries.

The best part about camping though, and the reason, even with these "luxuries", that I will go camping, is the time with friends and the husband and dogs. Some might say I am a prissy camper (You're thinking it; I'm just voicing it.), but Shane is just excited that I am a camper. I hope these busted myths get you as amped as we are for camping season. 
Happy Camping Happy Campers!

*I sniped all of these photos. Thanks to Greg and Nate for actually documenting our trip.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ode to my Iphone 4

My beautiful little Iphone 4 has bit the dust for the last time. As you may remember, I was so enthusiastic to get the new phone last summer. Within two weeks of receiving the new delicious beauty (after a long run with the 3G), I dropped it in the toilet. Away to the rice it went and returned to me in fine condition. Two weeks later I did it again. You may be thinking, Liz, why would you get the Iphone when you obviously have a problem? Up to that point, I had never, ever in my whole cell phone history dropped any in the toilet. Then, within a month, twice. Since then I have dropped it accidentally on a regular basis, sometimes on carpet, sometimes on our hardwood floors, sometimes on cement and tile; I don't discriminate. I have slowly watched its demise, from restarting a few times a day, to not being able to connect to Wifi (ever!). It has been painful to watch.

When it turned off peacefully last night, sitting next to me on the couch, watching tv, I knew that was it. It had taken it's last breath (I dropped it earlier in the afternoon on the tile floor and immediately called out to Shane, don't worry, that wasn't my phone!). 

But with death comes new life. My Iphone 3G will come back to my pocket and good will be restored to the world.

To my Iphone 4, I will miss you greatly, especially the photos I had taken since the last time I synced my computer, and angry birds. I have no weather to check. A flash from my camera, in a dark bar, will flash no more. My email remains unseen until I am at my computer. Reddit will never be read again from that little genius. The news, forget it.*

You might be thinking, take a breath Liz. It's just a worldly possession. But I challenge all of you to give up your smart phones for a day and then tell me how you feel. Empty.**

*I am feeling a little dramatic. Obviously, my 3G does most of these things and probably does them better at this point.  
**This post is also [somewhat] in jest, so please don't be alarmed or concerned for my safety.