Friday, May 6, 2011

Ode to my Iphone 4

My beautiful little Iphone 4 has bit the dust for the last time. As you may remember, I was so enthusiastic to get the new phone last summer. Within two weeks of receiving the new delicious beauty (after a long run with the 3G), I dropped it in the toilet. Away to the rice it went and returned to me in fine condition. Two weeks later I did it again. You may be thinking, Liz, why would you get the Iphone when you obviously have a problem? Up to that point, I had never, ever in my whole cell phone history dropped any in the toilet. Then, within a month, twice. Since then I have dropped it accidentally on a regular basis, sometimes on carpet, sometimes on our hardwood floors, sometimes on cement and tile; I don't discriminate. I have slowly watched its demise, from restarting a few times a day, to not being able to connect to Wifi (ever!). It has been painful to watch.

When it turned off peacefully last night, sitting next to me on the couch, watching tv, I knew that was it. It had taken it's last breath (I dropped it earlier in the afternoon on the tile floor and immediately called out to Shane, don't worry, that wasn't my phone!). 

But with death comes new life. My Iphone 3G will come back to my pocket and good will be restored to the world.

To my Iphone 4, I will miss you greatly, especially the photos I had taken since the last time I synced my computer, and angry birds. I have no weather to check. A flash from my camera, in a dark bar, will flash no more. My email remains unseen until I am at my computer. Reddit will never be read again from that little genius. The news, forget it.*

You might be thinking, take a breath Liz. It's just a worldly possession. But I challenge all of you to give up your smart phones for a day and then tell me how you feel. Empty.**

*I am feeling a little dramatic. Obviously, my 3G does most of these things and probably does them better at this point.  
**This post is also [somewhat] in jest, so please don't be alarmed or concerned for my safety.

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