Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Time and Social Hour

Shane and Mel, in particular have been really into tea lately, perhaps because of the changing weather (and terrible wind). And I have been enjoying a few different flavors as well.  We recently discovered St. Mark's Coffeehouse within walking distance of our new place (5 blocks!) that has many different flavors of tea.  The only problem is, it is a place where people sit in silence, with their computers and ipods, and no community.

When we walked there the other night in search of delicious tea and a change of scenery, there was not one empty table (and about 35 people with their laptops). And if there had been one table in the midst of that scene, we would have felt like we were disturbing the peace. Shane then told us about how in certain coffee shops, they are blocking outlets to bring in more income, but also to create more of a social environment. Can you imagine a place that doesn't serve alcohol where people gather to drink coffee and socialize? Can you imagine a coffee shop where you don't feel like you need to whisper your order to the barista as to not disturb those sitting in silence around you?

But I can see both sides of the argument. I just wish that people could sit in a place like St. Marks and talk with their neighbors and their friends and read their books and observe the world around them.

Until then, we sit at the bar next door instead and enjoy our time together and our tea.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today's forecast might as well have read: blustery with a chance of blowing away and don't bother fixing your hair because it will be a knotty mess by the time you reach your destination. With a little humility mixed in as your disheveled self battles to cross campus. Oh, and forget about taking the dog for a nice walk, so pay for doggy daycare instead.  Followed by, your ears will get cold and your face will be bright red. ...But isn't it deceptively nice looking outside and aren't you glad the sun is shining?(I am glad about the sun, don't get me wrong)
Always keeping it classy.
Or just trying to stand straight.
Instead, the forecast read: A mix of clouds and sun with gusty winds. High 49F. 
Winds WNW at 25 to 35 mph.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Commute

This morning on our way to work, I was talking about scheduling for the next few months (I know, I'm a planner) and I said, well, if sometimes we can't figure out the week ahead, we can definitely "play it by ear".

Shane looks at me and smirks, "Play it by ear?"
Yes, I say.
He says in return, "Isn't it play it by year?".

Now, usually at this point, he is correct. And I can admit to it pretty quickly, because I am not talented in correctly repeating phrases such as this one. I usually mess up at least one word, sometimes two. But, I really did think I was right this time around. So, I go into some vague explanation as to why I think it's play it by ear and he explains why he thinks it is play it by year.

Then he says, "Well, I guess one of us is going to get a fundamental lesson that will change the way we have thought for the last 25 years".

Dear husband, it's play it by ear. I looked it up of course immediately when I arrived at work. When I am wrong, I usually am very wrong and it will result in both of us laughing at the ridiculous phrase I created (yes, sometimes I laugh at myself), but I was right this time around, so I will continue to plan out our schedule and we might play it by ear.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Anniversary to Celebrate

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents! 
They are celebrating 29 years together this year.
Thank you mom and dad for being great role models for our new marriage.
In the words of my mother, "Live dun". I love you both!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


      As most know, I don't cook. Shane is an awesome cook and I don't think it's necessary to have two of us in the kitchen...that and I really just don't like it. So for our anniversary and in honor of my husband, I cooked.  But not only did I cook, I stuffed a fish. Stuffed-it. I just so happen to be  disgusted with raw meat, so it was kind of a big deal. Usually when Shane cooks, I stand over him in the kitchen and complain about him not watching his hands enough and then complain when he touches the sink to turn the water on to wash his hands. Needless to say, that is why I don't hang out in the kitchen much.
     So I stuffed a fish, all by myself. It was a whole, just caught, kind-of, snapper, stuffed with crab meat. I didn't slice the snapper (ew) and I certainly did not make my own crab meat, but I created a masterpiece that was as delicious as it was beautiful.
I sang and talked to the fish throughout and also spoke to my Betta who was looking on in horror, reassuring him that he would remain my pet. Overall I would say it was such a success that  
I may just cook again one day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Realize?

Maybe I haven't posted in over a week because I have been listening to this song (and dancing around the living room). And maybe I am a little behind the times, but it's a great song. And maybe just maybe you should listen to it on repeat. I promise I won't boss you with music forevermore, but maybe this one is worth the bossing, maybe just this once?

And maybe might maybe check out the video if you haven't seen it already, 
or maybe even if you have seen it a million trillion times.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary to US!

Me (as we went to sleep last night): I really like being married to you.
Shane: I really like being married with you.
Happy One Year Anniversary with My Husband!

We spent the weekend in Boulder at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa. Our massages were wonderful and relaxing as was the entire weekend.  It's hard to believe a year ago today we were officially committing our lives together.
We also opened up a bottle of champagne from Schramsberg in Napa that we bought on our honeymoon and reflected on a year together, kind of. Mostly, we reminisced about our wedding and what an incredible time we had with friends and family and tried to figure out how to convince my parents to pay for another one.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy happy Friday

Happy Friday! Fridays really are the happiest day of the week! This weekend is particularly happy because it's the weekend Shane and I were hitched just one year ago. Our actual anniversary is on Monday, so more reflecting then, but for now, I will leave you with our happy plans for the weekend (Monday one year anniversaries are not as fun as weekends). 
(I still do not have one professional pic from the wedding, oops!)(remember how it was snowing a year ago?)

We are celebrating with a mini-trip to Boulder to the St. Julien where we spent our wedding night; massages included this time and not doing much else, which seems very delightful to me on this Friday. And that is my happy weekend to come. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doggy Daycare

Today is Ipswich's second day of doggy daycare. I tend to take on the neurotic mom role when it comes to her going to daycare.  I awkwardly drilled the woman when I picked her up after her first day, "Did she behave?  Does she have any friends? Is she a good toy sharer? How was she when I left? Do you think she missed us? Did she play nicely?".

So today when I dropped her off again, I stood there chatting with the guy at the front desk thinking, no more neurotic mom moments:
Me: "Hi, Ipswich is very excited to be here"
Man at front desk, "Oh, is she?"
Me: "Yes?......Well, thanks and I hope things go well and I guess we will be back around 4:30, but...oh, it probably doesn't really matter when I'll be back, does it?"
MaFD: "Nope, as long as you come back."
Me: (nervous laugh) "Oh, well, do you take her harness off when we are gone? I mean, it's alright if you do. Do you take her collar off too? I guess that wouldn't really make sense. Ok (bending over to pet Ipswich), bye doggy. Have fun today and please be nice."

And that's how I left Ipswich at her second day of doggy daycare. Somehow I don't think the guy judged me.
Getting into the car, I commented to Shane, "I really like Ipswich. She is just a really nice doggy."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Garden of the Gods

We went to Garden of the Gods to do some climbing two weekends ago.  Shane had been getting Karl excited about this climb all season.  Although not too difficult, it is a very high climb (and quite nerve racking to watch, may I add)! While Shane, Karl and Sean climbed, Mel, Puppy, and I watched.  Enjoy the pics!

Shane leading the climb with puppy making sure everything is alright.
The boys all excited about making it to the top, relaxing before the descent.

We make really good cheerleaders.

Tired but happy boys (and a very curious and energetic puppy).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream Camera Lens

Shane and I are in the market for a new lens for our pretty little camera to make it prettier.  While shopping around on, Shane found our dream lens. Now we only need the $28,000.

1. Please note the arms. Shane has already started working out, so he can hold it with as much precision as this guy.

2. Please read the reviews. You won't regret it. It's a two for one: missile launcher and camera lens.

Shane, 7:32AM, Friday, October 1

This morning we got on the elevator with a man who smelled like cinnamon buns and vanilla extract.  Some might find this strange, but I just assumed he meant to smell like that as we live in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. We had not met him before and Shane did not assume the same as me.

Shane asks the man:
"Do you have cinnamon buns? Because it smells good in here.
The man replies: "No (glances in his grocery bag), I have peanut butter toast though?"
Shane responds with an awkward laugh:
"Well, we will let you escape this time, but next time you might not be so lucky". Shane laughs again.
To which I give a startled look at Shane and avoid eye contact with the man as he quickly exits the elevator.

Shane is now the creepy, seemingly gay, but married to a woman, guy in apartment 5C.