Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doggy Daycare

Today is Ipswich's second day of doggy daycare. I tend to take on the neurotic mom role when it comes to her going to daycare.  I awkwardly drilled the woman when I picked her up after her first day, "Did she behave?  Does she have any friends? Is she a good toy sharer? How was she when I left? Do you think she missed us? Did she play nicely?".

So today when I dropped her off again, I stood there chatting with the guy at the front desk thinking, no more neurotic mom moments:
Me: "Hi, Ipswich is very excited to be here"
Man at front desk, "Oh, is she?"
Me: "Yes?......Well, thanks and I hope things go well and I guess we will be back around 4:30, but...oh, it probably doesn't really matter when I'll be back, does it?"
MaFD: "Nope, as long as you come back."
Me: (nervous laugh) "Oh, well, do you take her harness off when we are gone? I mean, it's alright if you do. Do you take her collar off too? I guess that wouldn't really make sense. Ok (bending over to pet Ipswich), bye doggy. Have fun today and please be nice."

And that's how I left Ipswich at her second day of doggy daycare. Somehow I don't think the guy judged me.
Getting into the car, I commented to Shane, "I really like Ipswich. She is just a really nice doggy."


  1. doggy day care? i am judging you.

  2. She is a very nice doggy - they are our fur-babies. A way to get out that motherly instinct when we aren't ready for kids :)

  3. She loves it. It's totally normal and it saves us one day a week of making sure she gets exercise.

  4. I can totally picture this interaction...particularly the part where you let Shane know that you like Ipswich as if it's not a given. I would be the same way if I took Tucker to doggy day care (probably worse). And don't tell anyone, but I totally Skyped with Tucker (and Mom) the other night.

    PS I'm sitting in DIA right now. You should come visit. I don't fly out till 10:50.

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