Tuesday, September 28, 2010



...we watch tv like this.

Don't worry, Mel is included...she only got up to get the camera after I insisted on a picture.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A blog I suggest you follow

As I sat in our apartment last night, I couldn't help but be concerned when Mel asked me the following questions:
1. Do you have the pictures from apple picking last week still on your camera?
2. Can I have them on my computer?

These seem like ordinary enough questions to the outside listener, however, I immediately detected the meaning behind the inquiries...

In asking Mel to be our roommate for the next year, I did not realize what exactly I was putting at stake. I didn't think beyond, "oh it will be fun; we've been roommates before; we know how to live together, etc etc". I should have known better though. I should have been alerted with her initial statement of, "I don't have a camera". I should have been prepared...but she didn't even have a blog at the time. How was I to know?

I have now come to the full realization that no photo is safe from her, no story of last weekend free from her grasp. So, instead of creating a competition and as a way of surrender, I am posting the link to her blog, so that ultimately you will follow her, therefore sharing another little piece of our world{with Mel} in the Mile High City.

Plus, she is funny, smart, entertaining, and she does a really great job making collages from the pics, so really I should be grateful.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did you know...

More than 400,000 women die every year of heart disease compared to about 40,000 who die of breast cancer (2008).
Cardiovascular mortality is declining in men but not women.
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women in the nation.
Ahh, perhaps I am feeling a little morbid today, or perhaps we at the Center for Women's Health Research held our 2010 Annual Luncheon yesterday and I think it is important to be informed.
The luncheon went off smashingly. We had about 630 guests, a great keynote speaker, Dr. Patrick Schamasch, Medical and Scientific Director of the International Olympic Committee speaking on "Female Athletes as International Role Models for Women's Health" (who also happens to be from Switzerland with a very charming accent), and delicious food, along with a whole plethora of information on the importance of research in the field of women's health.
I am proud to a part of an organization that supports this cause, but more importantly, I am so thrilled that the event is over for another year and am not at all ready to start the planning again.

Friday, September 17, 2010

reflecting on summer round one

I have some catching up to do from the summer...

Mom and Dad came to visit Denvahtown in August and we had a great time and even got to catch up with Nance! Although they may have some time before they move out here, we did go look at an open house in Evergreen. They aren't ready to buy in the mountains but I sure am!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home again, Home again

...Jiggidy jig. Back in the Colorado and although I have long ago come to love this state, I cannot help but miss Jersey already. I know I know, people from home may question my loyalty to Jersey after I moved across the country, and those unfamiliar with Jersey may question my loyalty because, well, they just don't understand. Despite the haters on both sides, I cannot help but feel that my loyalty will never truly waiver. My identity cannot change. I will remain, forever, a Jersey Girl.

Until I get pictures loaded onto my computer, here are a few reasons that made coming back enjoyable!

1. doggy peering at me with those sad eyes.

2. roommate and a clean apartment! She likes to dress up when we return.

3. my bed. I love my bed, probably more than any other object, maybe even more than my indisposed iphone.

4. I can get the 7th Harry Potter book back from Austin, yesssss.

5. book club or as some call it, wine club. I read the book this time!

(photo courtesy of Jenna Van Aswegen. Some book club members are missing)