Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home again, Home again

...Jiggidy jig. Back in the Colorado and although I have long ago come to love this state, I cannot help but miss Jersey already. I know I know, people from home may question my loyalty to Jersey after I moved across the country, and those unfamiliar with Jersey may question my loyalty because, well, they just don't understand. Despite the haters on both sides, I cannot help but feel that my loyalty will never truly waiver. My identity cannot change. I will remain, forever, a Jersey Girl.

Until I get pictures loaded onto my computer, here are a few reasons that made coming back enjoyable!

1. doggy peering at me with those sad eyes.

2. roommate and a clean apartment! She likes to dress up when we return.

3. my bed. I love my bed, probably more than any other object, maybe even more than my indisposed iphone.

4. I can get the 7th Harry Potter book back from Austin, yesssss.

5. book club or as some call it, wine club. I read the book this time!

(photo courtesy of Jenna Van Aswegen. Some book club members are missing)


  1. two things: i hear you about the bed. i loath not being able to sleep in my cali king. it's my only material possession that i want to bring to heaven. also, i am re-reading HP7 too! can't wait for the movie.

  2. I am sooo happy you're home. Puppy is too. The apt was very empty (but easy to keep clean ;)) I def get the love for the Jerz. I can be your bit of NJ in CO :)
    Sad I can't make it to Book Club this month, but looking forward to it in the future! Aren't we hosting next time?

  3. I love that "we" are hosting!

    Ahn, we only have a queen, but it is the most comfortable bed of all time. I would challenge anyone to disagree. I never sleep as well as when I am home. It's amazing. We should discuss number 7. I am soo soo excited about the movie.