Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Commute

This morning on our way to work, I was talking about scheduling for the next few months (I know, I'm a planner) and I said, well, if sometimes we can't figure out the week ahead, we can definitely "play it by ear".

Shane looks at me and smirks, "Play it by ear?"
Yes, I say.
He says in return, "Isn't it play it by year?".

Now, usually at this point, he is correct. And I can admit to it pretty quickly, because I am not talented in correctly repeating phrases such as this one. I usually mess up at least one word, sometimes two. But, I really did think I was right this time around. So, I go into some vague explanation as to why I think it's play it by ear and he explains why he thinks it is play it by year.

Then he says, "Well, I guess one of us is going to get a fundamental lesson that will change the way we have thought for the last 25 years".

Dear husband, it's play it by ear. I looked it up of course immediately when I arrived at work. When I am wrong, I usually am very wrong and it will result in both of us laughing at the ridiculous phrase I created (yes, sometimes I laugh at myself), but I was right this time around, so I will continue to plan out our schedule and we might play it by ear.


  1. You thought you were write this time around? or right?

  2. aha! I knew you read my blog. Now I have proof!

  3. Play it by year? LMAO!