Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Our weekend consisted of friends, family, delicious drinks, great food, and long walks. I did not capture photos of all or even most categories, but I did capture a few, and of course, the photos are of the desserts and drinks.
Taken by my phone

Friday Afternoon/Evening: Left work two hours early, rested on the balcony with a book and glass of wine; enjoyed beautiful cupcakes from my husband, after a bad day; went out for Marc's birthday; and ate more delicious, birthday cake.

Saturday: Brunched at Shells & Sauce (delicious; have you been there?) with Marc and Jill; went for the longest walk with the dog; made some life decisions; cooked dinner for Shane's family; and finished the night with the best strawberry banana daiquiris-made by Shane (and is officially our summer drink-details to come), friends and reggae music (We were drinking daiquiris. We can dream of warmer climates, right right?).

Sunday: learned at a Pottery Barn entertaining class with Carmen; brunched at Shane's grandma's new apartment; spent time in the Ranch with Shane's family; quick tripped to the mall; ate delicious leftover enchiladas accompanied by homemade margaritas; and embarked on another long walk, while people watching at the park.

Did you all have a good weekend? What did you do? Were you able to relax?

A view from our balcony as a storm rolls in over Denver

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  1. sounds like a lovely weekend Lizzy! Ours was relaxing as well - lot's of gardening, eating and laziness!