Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camping Myths

Camping season is fast approaching us in the wild wild west. Some people are campers; some are not. But as a non-camper, you can no longer claim the lack of basic luxuries as an excuse not to go.

Let me blow up some myths for you:

1. You do not have to sleep alone on the ground. Instead, choose a queen sized air mattress with sheets and blankets, with your husband. Bring the dog a bed too!

2. You do not have to get yourself a big, heavy backpack. I bring my carry on luggage camping. Wheel it to the tent and wheel it back to the car.

3. Sleeping in a bitty tent (that fits in the unnecessary backpack). Instead, get yourself a 6-man (or bigger, I don't judge!) tent. It is irrelevant that you, the husband and the dog are the only ones in there. How else will you fit the queen sized air mattress?

4. Hot dogs on a stick are the meal choice for every meal. Shane knows the only way for me to spend more than one day camping (ok, there are a few ways to ensure it) is eating well. Pack your family sized cooler with all food (and wine) you find valuable at home, pick-up some used pots and pans, and there you have it, gourmet cooking around the campfire.

5. No showering for days. We picked up a solar shower that sits on the car roof to heat. It may not have four walls, but it is better than sitting in your own stink day after day.

6. If you are outdoors and camping, strenuous outdoor activities are a must, ie hiking. To each his own, but I don't hike when I camp. I might throw the softball, but that's about it. Otherwise you will find me with a book sunbathing, or visiting the local wineries.

The best part about camping though, and the reason, even with these "luxuries", that I will go camping, is the time with friends and the husband and dogs. Some might say I am a prissy camper (You're thinking it; I'm just voicing it.), but Shane is just excited that I am a camper. I hope these busted myths get you as amped as we are for camping season. 
Happy Camping Happy Campers!

*I sniped all of these photos. Thanks to Greg and Nate for actually documenting our trip.


  1. wow. you are inspiring me to consider camping. i like your way of camping.

  2. That was a good trip:) Even though I feel like I might have only been there for 12 hours.

  3. you are cute...i like your softball socks.

  4. I love much fun! Except for the not having a shower for a week because campground doesn't have water hook ups....:) Looks like you had a great time!