Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bagels in Denvahtown

There are very specific things I miss about the East Coast. Friends and family, obviously. The Atlantic, Dunkin Donuts, to name a few. Another one is bagels. All of you on the east coast don't know how lucky you have it. Bagels at every turn. We don't have that luxury. Sure there is a chain or two, but come on, what do they know? 
Today, life in the west changed for me and Shane. We stumbled upon a hole in the wall, neon signed, Bagel store next to the Hobby Lobby, in a strip mall. Pure gold. Just a counter with baskets and baskets of homemade bagels along with some other pastry goodies. And they have been there 33 years. That is saying something in Denver.

We ate one on the way home. We couldn't wait. It was paradise. I am looking forward to an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel tomorrow morning. Yes, please.

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