Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Friendly Summer Competition

Shane and I have started a little friendly competition for the summer. Do you ever feel like Memorial Day weekend is kind of like the New Years of the summer? As though I need to make resolutions starting Mem day which will go through Labor Day. I am not quite sure what my other summer goals are (lots of sunshine, drinks, bbqs and friends usually make the list), but one of them is to read read read. Shane and I have entered a friendly competition, kind of like in elementary school, to see who can read the most books during "summer break". Didn't we use to have a book log in elementary school? I loved summer break...

Rules were put in place and shook on last night (mostly because Shane told me he was going to start reading the Bernstein Bears as fast as he could). 

Rule 1: We are counting pages, not books.
Rule 2: Pages only count if you finish the book.
Rule 3: Pages only count if the book has more than 100 pages (if it's a collection of short stories, it still counts)(this rule has a little bit of flexibility as long as the other person agrees). 
Rule 4: The pages need to be tracked on a google doc for public knowledge.
Rule 5: The competition began last night and will go through the Monday of Labor Day, at midnight.

And the winner gets a massage (not from the other person) at a spa! 

I don't want to get cocky here, but I plan on kicking his ass. Here's what's up first for me:
I have attempted to read this book before but never succeeded, so here I go again. Did you like it if you have read it?

Shane's first book of the "summer"...
Shane is notorious for starting but never finishing books, hence the "you need to finish the book in order to count the pages". 

Wish me luck, but I don't really need it!


  1. Haha this is a fun competition! I've never read either of those books but have always been curious about Catch 22- let me know how it is. Currently I'm reading Water for Elephants- I heard it was good and afterwords I'll see the movie! Always a plus!

  2. I read Water for Elephants! It's so good! Enjoy!

  3. Update: shane is currently destroying liz in the competition.

  4. Catch 22...that is a bold first move. Let me know if you like it! I don't remember much except that I sort of scanned a lot.