Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Learned in Nashville

It was so so so much fun to be with my bestest high school girls two weekends ago. As I mentioned, this was the first time we were together in over a year and a half.

As a tribute, here are some things I learned in Nashville:
1. it's difficult to be the top of a pyramid, but with the right motivation, it can be done.
2. it's humid. all the time.
3. mid-sized cameras need to have the flash popped, every picture. otherwise it will be blurry and dark.
4. although it may seem like a good idea to spend the days sightseeing, it's a better idea to sit in and near the pool, with wine spritzers.
5. sit like a girl when wearing dresses. it's polite.
6. white rappers are my favorite.
7. kelly roth's facial expressions get crazier as the night progresses.
8. bestest has the longest arms ever. i mean it.
9. i will always be liz manz to my childhood friends.
10. pictures should not be taken after dancing incessantly in a hot, humid bar. they will not turn out pretty. and brushing your sweaty bangs off your forehead does not help.
11. it is possible, although not recommended, to fit 7 people in a kia sedan.
12. just because we don't see each other often does not mean that there will be no drama or tears shed.
13. people with grills are dangerous. you might cut your tongue.
14. and lastly, i learned that despite the time and distance, my high school girlfriends remain some of my most favorite people and i look forward to the next time we are together.


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