Monday, June 6, 2011

An Early Birthday and the Denver Chalk Art Festival

My mom was in town this weekend, so we celebrated my birthday 24 days early. *Ah birthday months.* Shane, my mom and I went to the Broker Saturday evening for a drink before our dinner reservations elsewhere.
The three of us decided to skip dinner reservations and bar hop instead. In Larimer square, we stumbled upon the Denver Chalk Art Festival. I am so glad we did, because it was amazing to watch the artists at work creating art all from chalk (and are only temporary!). I can't believe how much time and energy was spent on each one.

Can you believe the detail?

This one was my favorite.

Corridor 44 for champagne cocktails


  1. I LOVE that your mom opted for bar hopping. Way to go BJ. Also, I also think the cows are the best.

  2. i love that you two are dressed alike :)

  3. I didn't even notice we were dressed alike. She had a totally different outfit on and I helped put together this one instead, haha!