Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rude People=Hungry Liz

On Tuesday, my boss offered to buy me lunch at Udi's. It's probably one of my favorite sandwich places in Denver, so I was pretty stoked. I ate half of my sandwich and put it in the fridge at our office (we share one fridge with about 60 or so people) for lunch the next day. Yesterday I had something else for my lunch, but today I brought nothing with me in great expectation of eating the rest of my sandwich (and chips).  Just now when I went to get my sandwich, what should I find? My sandwich had been thrown away! I found it in the garbage. It was still in it's plastic container, but it was warm, so I thought that I shouldn't risk food poisoning.
Instead, I went back to my computer in a huff and made a sign (above) and stormed...well maybe I snuck, back to the kitchen to hang it on the fridge. Now I am hungry. 
In the words of Michelle Tanner, "HOW RUDE!". 


  1. Lizzy,It's shame! I'm a manager at Udi's and actually part of the family. Give me a call (720-280-0300) and we will have free sandwich for you! Any sandwich you want. Cheers, Erez

  2. I do believe it's "How wooood."

    You should def call up Erez.