Friday, November 12, 2010


I'll start my post with a confession. I have a crush on the Birdman. Maybe it's his tats or crazy hair or that he drives a big truck or maybe just the fact that his name is Birdman and he's a baller. I don't know, but he's my favorite. I don't usually start watching the Denver Nuggets until later in the season. It's just such a long season and they play so often. I am not that into it but when it finally comes to the point in the season that gets interesting, I love to watch them play. One of the only other teams I have really liked is the Giants, so this is big news.

Why, you ask, am I writing about this now, especially since there are about 7 more months of basketball season? Well, I was reading the news this morning and one of the local headlines is, "Nuggets hand Lakers first loss of season". Similarly to not having teams that I particularly like, I also don't have a ton of teams that I feel more than indifferent towards. However, I hate the Lakers like I hate the Cowboys. It's almost an innate feeling. And don't comment on this post and say, Liz, Kobe Bryant is so good. I don't care. 
This is a Happy Friday indeed!


  1. i don't like the lakers either. it's probably because i married into the celtics.

  2. I HATE the cowboys...and I like Birdman too.

  3. I like Birdman!! I liked the Lakers when they would boo at Kobe everytime he touched the ball after his Eagle incident....I thought that was funny.

    I also like how Tomas is in the pic - haha!