Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I love the snow. I think it's in my nature. When I was younger my family and I changed the lyrics to this song, because we thought it was too negative about the snow.  I remember when it would blizzard out, my parents would suggest going for a drive to check out the roads. We never went sledding, we only went sleigh riding, so much more glamorous. We would ice up our driveway in the winter to make a long sleigh riding path with a big ramp at the top to pick up speed.  All winter we yearned for those snow days when we could all run outside, me of course in my giant one piece snow suit so to keep warm and dry. 
Today is our first snow out here in Colorado. Figuring we had an actual snow day mid October last year, it's a little late, but I'll take it. Although it's only flurrying, it immediately feels like winter and makes me nostalgic for my childhood. 

Now we have Ipswich to remind us of the joy brought by snow. She is obsessed. I caught her only a few minutes ago on the balcony eating the flakes as they fell through the air and licking the chair for remaining snow, trying to catch it before it melted away. 
Shane came home and asked immediately why the dog was so worked up and I knew the answer, "she was catching snowflakes on the balcony". She loves swimming, but this dog is never more in love with life than when she is bounding through the snow.

So winter, we welcome you. Let it snow and give us the 70 degree days in between. **Colorado winters are the best. If you haven't tried one, you really should.

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  1. Colorado winters really are the best. Jon's family thinks I'm crazy when I try to explain to them that the snow in Colorado is different. It is so beautiful and just when you start to get for sick of it, you have days with sunshine and blue skies to pick you up....