Friday, June 11, 2010

New Blog!

Welcome! I am so excited about this blog and being able to share my life through it.

I have noticed that although I am coming up on two years in the great state of Colorado, I still blame things in my everyday life on the high elevation. I have never worked so hard to stay hydrated as I do here in Denver. If I get a headache and it seems unexpected, I blame it on the elevation. "They" say that your body adjusts after 3 months, but I am pretty convinced my body, and mostly my skin, will never truly recover from this altitude.

I am often asked why I am in Colorado then? "It sounds kind of miserable." "Isn't it really cold there all the time?" "Is it snowing" (sometimes asked during the summer) My go to response for all of these questions is always: Colorado has the most days of sunshine in the continental US. California and Florida, you can try to claim it, but it just isn't true. Let me be completely honest for a minute though of why I am in Colorado. As early as high school, I dreamed of marrying a man from Colorado and moving out here, becoming ski bums, and living happily ever after. This may not be happily ever after and we may not be ski bums, but I got my Colorado man. Shane is the reason I am here and eight months ago Shane and I were married. This blog I hope will become a chronicle of some of our adventures, along with Ipswich (the pup), and mostly the everyday things in between.

recent climbing trip

cave dog

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