Friday, June 18, 2010

My teams need to get it together

I promise this whole blog will not be centered around the World Cup, but for now it's consuming my life a little. This morning we went to the Hornet at 5:30 for a breakfast burrito, lots of coffee and a disappointing game by the Germans against Serbia. I had to then go to work, but was fortunate enough to get score updates on the USA v. Slovenia match. At least the US was able to bring in a tie after an unimpressive first half. Some pictures as I reminisce about the days I didn't have to work during the World Cup...

In Germany at the USA v. Italy game 2006

Gretchen's boyfriend. She's always loved those soccer players ;)


  1. lizzard! big fan of the blog! remember how we bonded? I came to your house in NJ and we both realized we were fans of panera bread, manicures and one other little secret (let's be honest- that's really why we bonded). anyways, i'm glad your obsessed with the world cup seeing as how i'm enjoying it myself. on my flight back from kenya, we had a stopover in muscat, oman (we let all but bout 20 passengers off) so there was like 25 ppl in huge plane. we had to wait while they got luggage off and refueled, in the meantime, the flight attendants (young kenyan boys in t-shirts) started playing the africa theme song from world cup.... everybody starting dancing in the aisles and the boys just coming from the south africa were blowing there horns. so fun!!! p.s. GO USA!

  2. Yay!! They won today!! :)

    And GO USA