Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camping at Eleven Mile

This past weekend we went camping to Eleven Mile Reservoir near Lake George, Colorado. The scenery around us was gorgeous and we very much enjoyed spending time with good friends and being outside in the mountains. It did get windy in the afternoons, but it calmed down again in time for my favorite part of camping, s'mores on the campfire!

I used to be very self conscious eating s'mores. I make such a mess and feel like the fat kid with chocolate and marshmallow all over my face and hands. I now realize that there is really no other way to enjoy a s'more except to get messy. We melt the chocolate on the graham next to the fire, toast the mallow to golden brown and it becomes the highlight of the weekend. Pair it with a glass of cheap white wine and I really cannot ask for anything better during my camping experience. Shane knows to pack the ingredients in order to guarantee a successful camping trip.

our arrival


it's really not a big deal

we wear our headlamps at night


  1. GREAT pictures, Lizzy! So beautiful :) Looks like a great place to live.

    I especially appreciate your socks and the look I can imagine Ipswich is giving you.

  2. Oh, I should have said this on the post, but I cannot take credit for most of the pics.

  3. ok I'm not a fan of blogger at the moment b/c I def posted a comment on thursday and it is not there! just like your comment erasing on my blog! it went something like this...

    mmm I love smore's and you and camping

  4. I second amy's comment...smore's, camping, and you. We should all move to Colorado and join the Mueller's in these activities.

  5. Yes you should! Please? Although I feel like out of all of our friends, there might be a good chance that the four of us all end up in Colorado. I don't even have to beg. We are halfway there.

  6. what! i do not like the direction of this post. :)