Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tribute to our first home

Shane and I are moving out of the first place that we have together called ourselves(thanks to Shane's parents for letting us stay at their home for so long and thanks for taking us back again for a few weeks). I am excited for our new apartment, but thought I should pay tribute to our first home as newlyweds.

(photos taken from our landlord's realtor, but it's all of our decor)

I am also kind of obsessed with our table and chairs, but apparently the photographer did not feel the same, maybe because they are from 1978. Aha, but I have found a youtube video featuring our apartment...and no, our ceilings are not sloped like that.

We are so looking forward to more space, closets actually in the bedroom, a new roommate, a balcony, dishwasher and a ROOFTOP POOL! YESSS!


  1. That's the most clean I've ever seen your apartment! As the soon to be "new roommate" I vote we keep our new place that clean as well :) That apt served you two well. Great memories.

    PS- That video is hilarious. Interesting choice of lens and muzak.

  2. The place looks cute! The last time I saw it you were just moving in. Holla for rooftop pool!

  3. Unfair! You have never seen our bedroom that clean, but we keep the rest pretty reasonable. Also, they put anything considered "clutter" under the counters and in drawers.

    I can't hear the music at work but I am sure it is entertaining.

  4. You will have to keep this as a favorite so you can someday show your kids your first home!! I am very excited to see your new place (pool included).

    The realtor is lucky they have tenants like you that decorate nicely. Makes there expensive Obeo video worth it!

  5. wow your apartment looks so clean and neat. Just like I always remembered!
    I agree archive the video. Very nice
    Cant wait to see your new apartment and to sit by your rooftop pool.
    Very fun!
    love mom