Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rare Occasion

I don’t normally cook…gasp, I know. What’s the use of a wife if she doesn’t cook? I do find other purposes, but I did decide to cook and bake last night. Shane has been working so hard and we just bought this delicious Mahi Mahi on sale. The plan was unexpectedly altered when Shane came home early. I lost all of the little motivation to cook (shocking) but I did manage to bake from scratch, shortcake with all sorts of fresh berries. And let me just say that I think both of us agree that I should bake more often; it was delicious! I decided evidence is needed for therare occasion, so pictures are below.

Ps, I have to give my mother all of the credit. She taught me the tricks of the baking trade.


  1. yum. that looks worth eating.

  2. That looks beautiful! And so do you :) You must bake for me when I live there. I'll cook for you (I'm not as good with the desserts). You should strive to be like Betty :)

  3. I look tired. I'll bake for you!

  4. go lizzy! delicious!

    also, i remember your moms skillz... choc chip banana bread?! yes please.