Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jersey Shore

In recognition of the second season of Jersey Shore starting tonight, thought I would post about one of my favorite places on earth. The Jersey Shore, specifically Seaside Park. The countdown begins for our trip out there this summer...29 days till we spend 11 glorious days at the shore and as an added bonus, we will be there for Labor Day weekend.

biker gang

the fam-diggity on the traditional photo bench

getting ready for a sunset cruise on the bay

kayaking on the ocean

yes, please

As I get more and more excited about our trip back east, I am sure there will be more montages of the shore to come. You don't have to watch the show tonight, but you should come to the shore and visit!


  1. I LOVE that the drink spout keg made it to your blog. What a phenomenal free gift that was. However, I do recall most of the beverages in it that weekend being blue and very unnatural.

    I sooo wish I could come out this year. I love the shore!!

  2. Jersey Shore the water has been great (warm) the weather has been sunny and life is good.
    Cant wait for visitors from Colorada- Shane, Elizabeth and Karlie.
    Will miss you Mel
    You can always come before you relocate to CO.
    Would love to see ya.
    CAn I talk with Mel through Elizabeth's blog?
    We shall see.

  3. Which Karl is writing to me? But I'll see both Karls at the shore, so I suppose it doesn't matter. Funny though that I can't tell.