Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A post before a post

I know it's Wednesday and I haven't posted since Friday.

This is for two reasons:

1. I hate packing and moving and all I have been doing is sweating and packing the last few days, but it's almost over. We move Saturday morning. I am looking forward to air conditioning. I noticed that despite having 12 boxes packed already (Shane is constantly shocked that we have so much stuff), it does not look like we have packed anything. Our apartment is actually more messy now.

2. I have exciting news, but I cannot share it with the outside world for a bit (No, I am not pregnant-that would not be very exciting at this point in our lives or marriage). Hopefully I will be able to share this afternoon though.

In the meantime, keep on, keep on trucking.


  1. I know! I know! Don't worry...I won't spill the beans :)

  2. Please post the post after "the post before a post." :)

  3. Her house really is a mess but in a way that says we're packing and moving to the Ranch!