Monday, April 11, 2011

Shout out to the husband

I have been missing, agreed. It might be because this past weekend was the third party Shane and I hosted in the last 4 weeks, perhaps it was that two of the three parties had over 30 people attending, or maybe it was just because I haven't slept in the last month.

Any way you roll it, I went missing.

I will get pics up of these parties, but in the meantime, I wanted to tell you how sweet Shane is, because I don't say it enough. I had been stressed out the last few weeks and this past week in particular (You might live under a rock, but Melo-de-licious just got engaged! Surprise engagement parties are the best, but also tend to be a little exhausting, apparently). 

It culminated Saturday night after the surprise party when the exhaustion hit, and by that, I mean Shane found me crying in our room by myself, (ah yes, typisch Liz) after what I would deem, a fabulous night. Shane responded to my crazies by surprising me with a trip to my favorite B&B in the mountains for brunch on Sunday, which he had been planning all week. Shane is not a planner. But this guy, I tell you...just when I think he has no clue what is going on in my mind, he goes and does something so sweet. 
 So yesterday we escaped life, enjoyed brunch and drove through the mountains for the afternoon, mostly in silence enjoying the beauty (alright, I might have napped a little. It's not all romance-for some reason, back country-wash boarded-dirt roads lull me).
Thanks Shane! You da best!


  1. What a wonderful man you have there :) Thank you to you both for EVERYTHING. And, Liz, you're definitely fulfilling one of your New Year's resolutions (post below)!

  2. 1. Love it.

    2. I miss you, even when you cry at parties.

    2. Ipswich looks huge in that picture with shane...but totally adorable in the evite.