Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shane's Birthday Party-March 26th

This year for Shane's birthday, he reassured me that all he wanted was to spend time with family and friends and have a great party. So I sent invites out so early that everyone had marked their calendars and we ended up with a ton of friends and family!

the evite
He decided on a hipster theme and until people seemed to think it was cool, I made it clear it was not my choice. So not-hipster of me. Mostly this theme caused fear that the enormous population of hipsters who live in our neighborhood would catch us somehow and go on the attack. Unrealistic probably as they tend to use their words, not their fists. I finally realized how pumped people were for it, especially Shane, and decided to embrace it.  
We went searching for skinny jeans. Not for me, for Shane. We found a pair at good will in the women's section. They were perfection. A deep neck t followed and he had his outfit, but the look didn't stop there. He had two additional ideas the week before the party and I quote: Liz, I think I am going to cut my hair for the party. And I am going to pierce my nose. My response: You should totally do both. Where should we get your nose pierced? Shane: Oh, well, I am going to do it myself really. He did cut his hair, but he did not pierce his own nose.  Rainbow earrings and a few tats followed his haircut and he looked like he was born hipster. Mel and I kind of secretly loved his haircut, but he shaved it the next day.

My outfit: vintage dress that was my mother's, an old necklace of my great Aunt Libby (I don't shop in mainstream stores, obvi), black tights, along with vintage shoes from Goodwill ($4, I might wear them all time, damn those hipsters), minimal eye makeup, bright red lipstick, rainbow earrings and a lip ring, and a mullet styled hair do.

The best part about a hipster themed party: minimal preparation. We offered PBRs, punch and a few snacks. We hung up a hipster picture on the wall instead of our normal giant painting in the living room. Low lighting and flash turned off on the camera. A tripod for added effect.

I am pleased that so many people were to celebrate with us and treat Shane to the birthday he had wanted. Later that night as he was mowing on some of the pickled items I had gotten him, he told me, "best birthday weekend ever".

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