Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

As a general rule, I try not to make resolutions for the new year. It just seems like you are setting yourself up for failure at a very busy time of the year. However, this year I was feeling particularly ambitious as January 1st rolled around, so here is what I came up with for 2011:

1. Being more positive (so generic) and surrounding myself with positivity. I don't consider myself a particularly negative person. However, there is room for more positive thinking and interactions in my life. Not only will I try to be more positive, but I am also weeding out the negative pieces that creep into my everyday world.

2. Snowshoeing. Shane and I decided not to buy ski passes this year in order to spend more time with the dog snowshoeing. It is February, so I am getting down to the last few months of opportunity, but I want to make sure we put in some really good shoeing. 

3. Drinking less. Oh come on, everyone has a year they decide they will drink less. Don't judge me. It's not that I drink an excessive amount, but isn't there always room for less drinking in your life?

4. Work harder. It's a tough one to write as I type away at work, but I would like to be a harder worker. Everyone loves me at work (pat on the back for me), but I keep having the sense they are going to discover that I kind of coast along. Perhaps this is not one of the resolutions I have kept so far, but I am working on it.

5. Parties. I love planning parties. It's probably my favorite hobby of all, except I need other much less expensive ones to fill in the gaps. So this year, I will throw more parties. (Shane, you hear that?) **I can still drink less and throw parties.

6. Finally, I would really like to pay off all of our credit card debt. But the reason is not because I want to be debt free (debt free schmebt free, we will be paying student loans for a long long time). The reason is because I want to buy a house, but Shane and I have set some standards for when we can buy a house and you guessed it, credit card debt needs to be gone.

Are these resolutions too honest? Maybe one of my resolutions should be, stop sharing personal information with everyone. Next year...

So which ones have I stuck with so far? Can you guess?


  1. Number 3- who are you? and what have you done with my Lizzard?

    Have you stuck with 1, maybe 2, and 5? lol. Love you!

  2. who needs less drinking? a bottle a day keeps your troubles away. something like that.