Friday, August 5, 2011

Life in the 'Burbs Part 2

A little gem I found at Hobby Lobby. Will be hung above our bed.

I have been away for a bit, because Shane and I have been preparing for, and making, a big move.

To a new state? No
To a new country? No
To a ranch? Close

We just moved in with my in-laws in the Ranch!

Ranch [ranch] 
1. our sometimes affectionate little nickname for Highlands Ranch, Colorado; one of the most populous unincorporated communities in the United States.
Shane doesn't count the two weeks we lived there last summer, but I sure do, which makes this our third time moving in with my in-laws. We cannot get enough of life in the 'burbs, in the Ranch, where married people go to die, etc. No sirry, cannot get enough!

This time we had some goals in mind with our move; a new house perhaps, paying down debt for sure, a yard for the dog? Ok, that last one might not be a priority, but it sure is a bonus, which leads me into a segment I like to call, Life in the 'Burbs (Part 2).

I will again start my time in the 'burbs with aspects of the Ranch I have immediately enjoyed:

1. A yard for the dog. This is obvious. Since we don't have children, and children are not in our near future plan, Ipswich is our child and what wouldn't a parent do for a child? We moved to the 'burbs. Others might just take their dog to the dog park or provide food and water. Don't think we don't love our dog!

2. A grill. Besides the two times in the past we have lived with my in-laws, Shane and I have not had a grill in two years! That's a long freakin time. It's a crime really. We love our new grill.

3. Two decks. Why have one deck when you can have two? As long as I have known Dale (father-in-law), which is five years this month, he has talked about adding a layer to his second story deck. Sure, why the heck not? Across from our bedroom now, we have what's called the deck room, formerly Austin's room. It walks out to a beautiful deck with beautiful views.  We also have the original "not as cool views, but has a grill" deck. That's fine too.

4. Finally, free laundry. This past year we had to pay for laundry for the first time since dorm living and I was not pleased. I am happy to have free back.

These immediate joys are of course in addition to everything mentioned in Part 1 of 'burbs life. I may go into the negative aspects at another time, but this first week, it's nothing but positive baby.

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