Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Colorado!

I was pleased to see Mel's face (and Sean's) last night around 9:00pm Mountain Time pulling up to our new place. They showed up looking a little exhausted but overall happy to be here. It was not nearly as an emotional embrace as the day I got married, but I'd say it took a place as a happy second.

Sean and Mel drove the full route from New Jersey in less than 48 hours and to say I am impressed is an understatement. I remember that long drive and would never wish it on anyone, especially Mel who did the same drive to Colorado with me just about two years ago.

I cannot express how happy we are to have Mel here with us.

Puppy is excited as well and has been anxiously awaiting her arrival. She knows her godmother will take good care of her.

Sean, thanks for being the one to convince her.


  1. Yay! 3 of us in the same state at once....and I leave tomorrow. Any chance you guys want to come up to the mountains today? lol. So glad Mellard is here!

  2. Lizzy, I am so happy to be here too! And to be living with you AGAIN :) (and to be out of that car!) We're gonna have so much fuuuun!! Love you.

    PS- Thanks for posting some of the most embarrassing/wretched pics of me ever hahahaha

  3. Great pic of puppy though huh? hehe

  4. hehe Ipswich is so cute...I could not say puppy because that is what I still call seamus